Mott Park

Neighborhood Meeting Highlights

October 16, 2023 – Bi-Monthly Meeting

Recap of Updates:  Step Up Pick Up (still waiting for results) – Neat Street (12 streets are still needing adoption contact Chad S. if interested in adopting a street) – $5000 grant going towards Mott Park Sign to be placed in one of the Triangles at the entrance to the Neighborhood

Kettering University has donated a new trash can at the Bus Stop

Yoga will be starting at the Clubhouse each Wednesday from 5pm to 8pm curtesy of 810

Kettering University students helped with the cleanup of 6 homes in the neighborhood in September and will be coming back November 11th to do this again – If you want to be put on the list for something needing done contact Chad S. 

ARPA Funds have been requested in the amount of $50,000 for a path to be done from the tunnel to the park and around the park that will be wheelchair accessible – Please provide your feedback regarding this project

Upcoming Events:  Halloween Party Tuesday, October 24th 6pm to 8pm at the Clubhouse (candy donations are welcome) Decorating the Clubhouse will be Monday, October 23rd at 6pm Volunteers are needed – Nature In The Park Saturday, October 28th 2pm to 3pm – 67th Annual Turkey Trot Thursday, November 23rd at 9am – Holiday Craft Show Saturday, December 2nd in the Clubhouse 11am to 3pm (12 vendors currently 3 opening are still available for $20 a table)

Detective Booth – Urges that the neighborhood continues to partner with FPD to help with crime – Gun shots have improved due to FPD focusing on “bad actors” – Ordnance violations should be called in to 911 ie: noise, speeding, gun shots etc. (calls are prioritized according to severity and will be addressed in that order) – Crime numbers are monitored daily – The neighborhood will and is being patrolled when officers time is not obligated to another task

Tonya Burns & Jerri Winfrey Carter – ARPA grant for $50,000 was voted down 5 to 0 with 3 TBD, waiting on a conflict of interest resolution Mott Park was bundled in with other entities that are not 503c and therefore the money was not granted (will provide update at a later time) – Rube’s Bar has a live camera stream to FPD Intel – The tear down of the apartments on Ballenger Hwy are being held up by the judge – Early February 2024 building demo’s will begin in the 5th ward and the 6th ward is last on the list – Jerry  Winfrey Carter said 5th ward resident’s can call anytime with issues or concerns

Mayor Neeley – Pay attention to Council meetings and voting outcomes – 3 new fire trucks have been delivered with 1 still coming – There are cadets currently in both the Fire and Police Departments – All CBA’s are current with COLA raises issued – Gun violence is down and guns are destroyed when taken off the street

The next meeting is Monday, December 4, 2023 at 6:30pm we hope to see you there!